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Monday, 31 December 2012

cara format Samsung Corby II how format samsung

*2767*JAVA# Java Reset and (Deletes all Java Midlets)
*2767*MEDIA# Reset Media (Deletes All Sounds and Pics)
*2767*WAP# Wap Reset
*2767*CUST# Reset Custom EEPR0M
*2767*FULL# Reset Full EEPR0M

For example : *2767*JAVA# would be keyed in as *2767*5282#

and, you can reset setting only,

#*7728# — This is a master reset code which will not delete any thing from your mobile but will set everything to factory default settings when it was on the time when we bought at the time of purchase.

[I'm not tasted above codes, so do all with intense care and use at your own risk, if possible remove simcard and memory card]